Czech Music Quarterly is a magazine in English focused on Czech classical music. Czech Music Quarterly provides a wide spectrum of information for music professionals and the general music public alike. Czech Music Quarterly offers interviews with and portraits of Czech composers and performers, often with a special focus on contemporary classical music, information about current events, reviews and wide-ranging articles from leading Czech musicologists.

Czech Music Quarterly 1/2017

Current Issue Contents:

CMQ No. 1 / 2017

Adam Viktora: I don’t serve up well-known pieces
by Dina Šnejdarová

Miloslav Kabeláč – Symphonist (Part 1)
by Jaromír Havlík

Musica Nova 2016 International Competition
by Lenka Dohnalová 

The first complete Bedřich Smetana correspondence edition
by Jan Kachlík

Three Years with the Maestro.
An American Remembers Antonín Dvořák
by Markéta Kratochvílová

The Želiv Monastery music collection
by Dina Šnejdarová 

Czech Music Every Day. Events at home and abroad in the winter of 2016/17
by Barbora Vacková

Řehoř Pešin 
A Czech composer who travelled throughout Europe
by Petr Daněk